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Legal Ways To Watch Free Movies Online

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Watching movies online can be a tough job for technically Challenged people. Selecting the right medium to stream movies is difficult. There are various ways to download as well as stream movies and tv shows online, for that matter, legal ways.

We often want to find a legal way to watch movies to make our movie streaming experience comfortable and swift. Today we are going to list down few a legal movie streaming applications, they all are 100% legal and easily available online. Hope this helps help!

Top 5 legal movie streaming applications

  • NetFlix

NetFlix is known for its amazing content list  and entertainment factor. This streaming service is a pioneer movie application. The application as well as the website has latest movies and old classic series to watch.

These are some famous movies in the list for example, The Accountant, Dr. Strange, The girl on the train, Gravity, Harry Potter, Interstellar etc. And if we talk about tv shows then there is a huge list to follow like, Orange is the new black, Gilmore girls, Supernaturals, The vampire diaries, Friends, Two and a half man, Family guy, Walking dead and many more.

  • Terrarium Tv

Terrarium Tv is an excellent movie streaming service in the digital market today. We can’t get any better options than what Terrarium provides you. Unlike other applications the list of tv shows is as huge as the movie list.

You can download the recent episode right away without waiting to release it on television. Terrarium has a unique user interface and a beautiful background to attract your eyes.

  • ShowBox

ShowBox APP is an old application and is still running amazingly well for its loyal customers. What actually differs in ShowBox and other movie streaming application is its downloading speed and HD video quality.

There are different resolutions to choose from for example, 320p, 240p, 720p and sometimes 1080p. The links are totally reliable and trustworthy.

  • HotStar

HotStar is the new trendy application, popular enough between its customers, designed by the Star group of industries and contains all the basic features of a movie streaming application. You can download content, stream them, watch random videos and small clips as well as stream live videos of games and other serials.

The applications has most of the series uploaded but they can only be streamed by HotStar subscribers. That is the only prerequisite needed.

These streaming services are legal and safe for your devices. The best part is, they are all available on different platforms and devices. Therefore, downloading them on your Android And Windows platform is going to be easy for you. For any other query, you’re welcome to write your questions below. Thank you!