A Comprehensive FaceTime Review

A Comprehensive FaceTime Review

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Apple’s CEO launched a new app called FaceTime for iPhone in the year 2010 and for Mac in 2011. FaceTime is one of the latest video and audio calling app for Apple iPhone. This is a pre-installed app for your iPhone, ipad and Mac. With the help of Face Time you can chat and video call with your family members and your dear ones who lives away from you. Just on your Wi-Fi or your data connection and make any calls anywhere around the world.

Making calls with FaceTime App is very easy, the only thing required is your email address or your Apple iPhone phone number. With this app you can connect only to those who are using the same Apple devices.

Features of FaceTime App

We see lots of exciting features of Face Time App for its users which we are pointing out in this review. Let us check them thoroughly below.

  • Apple’s FaceTime is one of the cool video and audio calling tools. So, you can stay very close with your dear ones and connect with them.
  • Once you start using this app you can block all the unwanted calls forever unless you unblock them.
  • FaceTime is a pre-installed app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and that is the reason it is incompatible with other windows or android devices.
  • It provides a High Definition Video quality that enables its users to keep in touch and make face to face conversation even from far distances.
  • You will not be able to use your Face Time app if your device is not connected to any cellular data or Wi-Fi.
  • It is easy and quite handy and to make, receive calls between FaceTime supporting device, you need to turn on the FaceTime App.

How to Use FaceTime App with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad?

You can use FaceTime App very easily. All you have to do is open you FaceTime App which is already pre-installed on your iPhone. To turn on the app, go to your phone settings then enable Face Time. Your phone numbers has been already registered automatically and to register your email, go to the settings then on Face Time. Below you can use your Apple ID to sign in.

How to make a call with FaceTime App?

To make a call with FaceTime, the only thing required is the person’s phone number and registered e-mail address. Now enter the e-mail address or phone number and then click on the audio or video icon. If the person’s phone number has been already saved in your contact list then just simply tap the name and start calling.

How to Download FaceTime for iPhone?

Face Time comes with a pre-installed app on your iPhone device, so you don’t require downloading the app. In fact there are many other alternatives of Face Time if you wish to start your conversation that don’t have Face Time app.

Face Time is the best app for your iPhone or Mac devices. With its unique features you can say that this is the latest app to make video and audio calling online. However, this app motivates all the Apple users to pick the tool for chatting.